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     Who truly can be 
    "The Fastest Human On The  Planet".
$1,000,000 (One million dollars) prize to the winner of a 100 metre track and field sprint race.
The race is non-discriminatory, open to all athletes.
This race will be a NON-DRUG TESTED event.
I wonder how many humans think that many of today's top athletes, are on some type of "performance enhancer/s" when they watch any competition/sport?
Humans hear/read of when an athlete has been caught taking some type of performance enhancer/s.
But when has anyone questioned if pain killers are more of an enhancer than the "performance enhancer/s"?
Ask any competent qualified medical/field professional, athlete (natural or not) of any sport, pro, amateur or personal, if they could perform 100%, without the use of painkillers when injury strikes.
An athlete can have such and such of a performance enhancer/s (pharmaceutical) in their system, but it does not block out the pain.
One of the main pain killing injection athletes use, is cortisone which is itself, a (catabolic) steroid.

Pain killer performance also comes into existence in most beings everyday lives, if you do not believe this, ask yourself, "how many humans will take something just for a minor headache so they can perform on with their daily life".
Any human who watches any form of sport, wants to see the top athletes, fielded at any time.
But at what cost? 
The athletes... or the money they generate having them fielded?
Humans don't mind watching their favorite athlete doped up on pain killers for a niggling injury or another and the athlete can (and most likely) do more permanent damage.
I wonder how many people, let alone athletes, who would still be able to "PERFORM" without the aides of pain killers of any type (if and when needed). 
However, humans scorn an athlete when it is found they have taken  "performance enhancer/s".
Where as, such pharmaceutical/s are designed to do, is aid in healing/regeneration of damaged/worked tissue/s. 
Which is why most athletes bodies will benefit, as their bodies are put under constant stress for our entertainment.
This is the opposite, of what pain killers can do to an athlete.
And how many of these poor athletes are addicted to pain killers for niggling injuries during their careers, let alone when they retire?
Where if the athlete were allowed to have healing pharmaceutical/s instead, and had a little more time off the field, instead of rushing them back in...?
Who knows how many athletes could prolong their careers, (remember these pharmaceutical/s aid in regeneration of tissue/s), if the athletes were managed by competent beings who truly had the athletes well being in mind?
Today's sports are played harder and faster, so why cannot the athletes be allowed to heal themselves faster.

Who's future are the managers looking after, the athletes or theirs?
A lot of humans are not truly educated on the subject (only from what you get in media sources, and hearsay).
The general public think of  body builders, some athletes in all forms of sport, doorman/club security, government officials, etc, when the mention of such pharmaceutical/s is in the main stream media.
But how many think of the good/benefits such pharmaceuticals can do.
As mentioned previously, these pharmaceuticals aid in the repair/regeneration of damaged/worked tissue/s faster than your body could do naturally (ok, that's a-given).
Such pharmaceutical/s can aid those suffering from muscular dystrophy, cancer, diseases, age related illnesses and can also aide fetuses during premature pregnancies and humans infected from HIV related illnesses.
These pharmaceuticals and others will also help with limiting muscle degeneration we all suffer during aging.
To all the males out there, how many of you know that testosterone's can be used as a male contraceptive.
The "pill" that women take is a form of steroid in itself, and guys it could be utilized as another option to getting "snipped" (vasectomy).
Some of these pharmaceuticals can also give higher libido drives in both sexes.
Of course, as mentioned previously, correct/competent guidance and administered by competent beings, these types of pharmaceutical/s can benefit all mankind.
Males out there, don't worry about the "peanut" effect.
The reasoning behind this, is that the body senses that it getting a stimulus from "another source", thus it shuts down it's own natural production. 
That's why you don't have to worry about being snipped, the pharmaceutical/s inhibits natural testosterone production and the producing "elements" involved wants to shut down, (the reason behind the "shrinkage", but everything will return to normal once the cycle stops. 
But if you abuse, like with everything in life, don't expect miracles.
Well, would you like to know, you would not need to get snipped or have to take a "blue pill" for that matter?
The "roid rage" stigmata associated with some such pharmaceuticals, comes from overdosing and cocktails utilized.
To put into perspective, it is like the teenage years when excessive testosterone and hormones are being released.
So do not think you are going to start turning green and have eye popping muscles and all the other hype associated with these pharmaceutical/s, remember there is use and abuse.
And the fact that person who is taking the pharmaceutical/s, still has to exercise, eat healthy as possible and has to possess the most important of any factor in the equation "GENETICS".
Some beings (humans, animals, etc) have more receptor sites than others for these "performance enhancer/s" to attach to, so they perform better.
You could get a group of natural athletes and a group of "not so" natural athletes together, have them train, eat and do everything the same, but in the studies results, you will find the rates of progress will differ in all the athletes.
You will even get results, where some of the natural athletes would have out performed the not so natural ones.
That is why genetics is the main contributing factor. 
YES, there are human beings out there who take things too far, but good things can only come, if a correct/compassionate direction/approach is taken.
There are governments allowing their elite servicemen and officials to take such pharmaceutical/s, but that is a subject for another time.

But as with everything in life, there is USE and ABUSE.
There should be no true sound medical reason for why an athlete (or any being for that matter), from having these types of pharmaceutical/s to aid in healing injuries, instead of just prescribing pain killers to put up with it.
As mentioned previously, and in no means am I condoning the use (misuse) of any pharmaceutical/s, but under the correct guidance and administered by competent beings when and if needed?
A clause could be written into the Anti-Doping rules, (Mg/ml per KG/body mass or BMI or whatever unit the scientist use these days to measure) for the amount being allowed in an athlete's system, if and when they are known to have a legitimate injury.
Or even when the athletes are in pre/post season training.
Any athlete or competitive person will tell you, natural or not, "To be the best at anything you have to push yourself harder than anyone else can/will ever push you, to succeed/be No. 1".

I wonder how many people out there know about  IGF-1 and 2 (insulin growth factors 1 & 2), MGF (mechano growth factor), insulin and not just testosterone based drugs and Hgh (Human growth hormone) are also very powerful "enhancers".
The general media outlets do not say how these types of pharmaceutical/s can aide sufferers of arthritis, tendinitis, or any joint issue a person may have.
They also regenerate heart, liver, lung and kidney tissue.
Scientist some years ago, found and tested some of the growth differentiation factor genes, two being, GDF 8 and GDF 5. 
GDF-8 (myostatin gene), which regulates the actual muscle growth in being's.
This gene inhibits muscle growth, and if you inhibit it (myostatin gene) muscle growth occurs.
GDF 5 regulates skeletal and tissue/cartilage growth.
Imagine the positives that a pharmaceutical of this type can have on the athletes, who play sports that are forever damaging their knees and shoulders.
These are only a couple of the many gene factors involved with muscle/tissue rejuvenation/regulation.
Wait until those "enhancers/inhibitors" hit the streets, wait a moment, they're already out there and the majority are practically undetectable, because of the fact the body natural produces such substances.
Sometimes we just need a "top up" and or an "oil change" from time to time.
Everything in this life, when it comes to "maintenance" seems to be either reactive or proactive (preventative/predictive).
So why can't the athletes be proactive, especially when they know what their bodies are in for and up against.
It is the 21st century, it is more than time to start utilizing all 21st century aides.

A lot of humans forget or are not aware that, the highest percentage of users, of  "performance enhancer/s" are amateurs or part time fitness enthusiasts and some of these amateurs/fitness enthusiasts I am referring to, I am very sorry to say are CHILDREN.
When one is continually fed propaganda on only one side of a story, one only then knows one side and thinks they then know the whole story (all facts). 
And on another note.
With today's combined knowledge, and we are talking about millions of years of combined knowledge on the human body and the elements.
Scientists should be able to reproduce the electrical impulse frequencies in the brain, that are given off by the pharmaceutical's chemical reaction when administered.
Which would replace the need for the persecutor of pharmaceuticals, which enact the "electrical signals" to the neuron transmitters in the brain.
One is basically cutting out the middle man and going direct to the source, as they say in business.
Because that is what pharmaceuticals they do, enact a frequency so the neuron's "fire".
Between the atmosphere we breathe and the all atoms contained in the human body, human's have all the necessary ingredients to construct any pharmaceutical and/or "drug" molecule configuration known to man.
It is just a matter of delivering the correct reverberation/frequency of light (hertz/pulse), thus making the atoms dance to specific a tune, which in turn create the necessary hormones. 
This is an option, that is until humans can consciously control the subconscious, because that is the level where all truly happens.

        *These words/statement are not directed to discriminate against any one/group.*
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